B2B Marketing Strategy

A successful B2B marketing strategy requires engagement, integration and results – learn we can help power up your marketing.

Successful B2B marketing communications takes more than just engaging creativity. It also takes a sound B2B marketing strategy. A strategy is what positions your brand in the spotlight; drives your messages to the right audience; identifies the best vehicles for delivery, and pilots effective media integration across your marketing plan.

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We Specialize In B2B Marketing

At Stifel Marcin, we specialize in developing B2B marketing strategies and integrated communications for industrial, manufacturing and technology companies. With a thoughtful discovery process that puts us inside your products and services, your markets, your history, and your vision for tomorrow, we can strategically and powerfully position your company:

  • Identify assets and positions that strengthen your brands in the B2B space.
  • Evaluate the competitive marketing environment to pinpoint unique benefits that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Plan effective budgets – investing marketing dollars where they will deliver ROI.
  • Better understand and influence audiences who thrive on data and details.
  • Zero in on content that provides valuable, decision-driving information.
  • Integrate media and tactics around a robust digital hub to improve lead capture.
  • Turn complex subjects into creative concepts and messages that motivate discerning audiences to act.
Effective Cross Platform Integration

Effective B2B marketing strategies artfully combine digital, content, direct and traditional marketing methods to their best return. We work to understand your business and your audiences thoroughly, then develop integrated B2B marketing strategies and communications to help deliver the qualified leads you desire. Whether working on a single campaign or a comprehensive marketing communications plan, formulating a practical strategy is where we start.

With almost two decades of proven results, contact us to learn how our team can help you power up your B2B marketing strategy.