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Account Based Marketing: Serve. Don’t Sell.

If you’re ready to try Account Based Marketing (ABM), we’re here to help. AMB for B2B and industrial companies is often complex to implement. It’s easy for a tech-focused start-up with 10 people to use ABM to grow, but ABM for manufacturers and industrial companies often requires something different than diving right into the deep end.

Perhaps you need to start by creating the framework for an ABM approach. Perhaps you need help with team building or workshopping how to implement ABM. Maybe it means a trial ABM campaign – one utilizing at least part of that traditional “wide net” program, while launching a new campaign using ABM tactics to reach a key target. The transition to ABM is a long-term effort, where we build key pieces and tactics, start with a highly-focused, limited scope, then expand across our entire marketing plan over time.

ABM is often a significant undertaking. Most industrial and manufacturing companies have limited staff – with limited time – to invest in new marketing strategies that will take time to fully launch. There are things you need to do to get it started. And, most importantly, your efforts need to be on-going. Stifel Marcin can assist you in the development and launch of an ABM campaign. Whether it’s through our ABM Workshops, Pilot Program or via an on-going, integrated ABM campaign that we manage, we’re here to help at every step.

Assembling the right team, identifying target accounts, and creating an action plan to connect with target accounts requires effort. But that’s just the start. Once you have your sights set on your target companies – and your key profiles fully defined – it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work creating the actual materials that demonstrate value, the “stuff” people traditionally think of as marketing. And that can be time-consuming to create.

If you want to review how to establish your ABM strategy and how to implement the approach, read our previous articles in this series Account Based Marketing: The New Strategic Approach for Success and Account Based Marketing: Land and Expand.

It’s All About Long-Term Relationships.

ABM is about proving to a specific group of key people that you understand their industry and can develop effective solutions specifically for them, not an attempt at a one-time sell of your company. We serve a target’s interests over time, becoming the Go-To resource, demonstrating expertise, sharing a continuous stream of communications that provide value and thought-leadership. Serving up education and information to key contacts, nurturing the relationship by helping them achieve their goals, and anticipating where their business is heading so they can capitalize on trends and help them grow is what this game is all about.

The relationship in ABM is a continuous connection that we foster – via marketing and the sales team – and grow into new business, new contacts, and even more new business. For industrial and manufacturing companies, ABM must be a long-term strategy for long-term success – and highly relevant for companies focused on the “right” type of lead.


Serve, Don’t Sell.

Quarterly reports on industry-based topics, webinars from your leadership designed to enhance the target company’s ability to maintain its market share, an annual conference where your company’s ABM team can connect in real-time with your existing, and new key contacts, are all examples of the ways you can groom your relationships. You’ve done your homework, so you know the key profiles and ideal channels for your prospect. You need to be in those key channels too, present where your target profiles are (in person or represented through your marketing materials), as a reminder to other potential companies of your value.

When you and your team are now actively-engaged in ABM efforts to further your targeted businesses’ interests, there is no need for a “hard” sell. Keep in mind, it is critically important your sales team be working to support the AMB plan. These efforts at outreach are marketing-based, but the follow through is sales-based. We work to create a position where all the decision-makers turn to your company for the solutions they need; the one key target you won over has now become an entire team you won over – a team who counts on your team to succeed.

ABM Benefit: You Get More Than You Give.

Good ABM isn’t a one-time sales pitch. This is a partnership your team has forged and must nurture. Sharing back the results of successful marketing and sales efforts with your team, and developing new materials based on customer feedback, is an important on-going way to continue to build the relationship and prove that you understand the importance of big-picture thinking. Think of these marketing efforts as a journey you’ve embarked on with this new targeted partner. Even if the company you’ve forged this new relationship with were to go out of business, your efforts and business/marketing asset and acumen are still there, impressing similar companies. Your ROI can be significant no matter what happens to any one company on which you expend energy and effort to help build.

Clearly, there are many benefits when you develop a long-term relationship strategy utilizing the Account Based Marketing approach.

It’s a way to stand out from the crowd: By being knowledgeable about an industry at a more granular level you stand out from the mass of marketers and sales people who are heavy on pressure-tactics and light on actual comprehension of business needs.

You present your team as the experts offering to share their expertise: The benefit to a key member of a prospective company is simple and clear. By tapping your experts, those key company members will look even more expert themselves.

You are establishing true, trust-based relationships: Relationships are long-lasting when trust has been firmly established. The “I have your back – you have mine” nature of Account Based Marketing, where both parties really mutually benefit from connecting, make for longer-lasting relationships.

ABM is not formulaic. It is personalized. You will need to tap your team for the best, most valuable methodologies to reach and support a potential target. You need to commit for the long haul, too, bringing continuous value to your target, tracking results, and adjusting to make your efforts as effective as possible. It sounds like a big investment, but it yields tangible results and can lead to great returns. For companies in manufacturing and industry, who may have smaller departments for marketing, Stifel Marcin is ready to help.

Immediate ABM Expertise for Manufacturers & Industrial Companies

Want to shift your focus to Account Based Marketing? Bring our expertise in creating highly-targeted B2B advertising and marketing for the industrial sector to help your business grow and succeed.


Ready to start the shift to ABM?

Bring our expertise in creating highly-targeted, customized B2B advertising and marketing for the industrial sector to help your business grow and succeed.

From ABM workshops, where we work with your key stakeholders to identify target personas and profiles, to strategic marketing plans developed around ABM principles, Stifel Marcin offers the experience and knowledge that helps companies succeed. With our integrated solutions we can help maximize you budget and help you reach the right customers, at the right time.

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