B2B Video Marketing

Live-action demonstrations, descriptive voice-overs, and graphic animations can tell a complete story. Great B2B video marketing provides detailed information quickly, in a way that keeps customers engaged.

As the leading industrial marketing agency, Stifel Marcin’s B2B video marketing capabilities handle all aspects of a video project – from concept through distribution. Whether it’s a 30-second product video or facility tour, our full-service team of industrial marketing professionals and video production experts combine your highly technical information with engaging copywriting and graphics which re-enforce your company’s brand and support larger sales and marketing goals.

B2B Marketing Videos That Customers Actually Want To Watch

Videos for B2B companies provide a great opportunity to reach customers and demonstrate your company’s value. Our expert industrial marketing team has the communications expertise to tell your story and generate results.

As a full-service agency, Stifel Marcin can produce a great video for your company, as well as implement video into larger marketing strategies. From search engine marketing to social media marketing and beyond, our B2B marketing videos can be deployed through a variety of channels, maximizing visibility and return. These include:

  • Company and product websites
  • Social media marketing sponsored ads
  • Organic social media marketing, such as YouTube and Facebook
  • Trade show videos
  • Virtual tours
  • Presentations and product demos