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From organic news feed posts to sponsored posts (paid advertising), a strategic and thoughtful B2B social media marketing plan can generate a wide variety of impressions, clicks, and leads.

While some industrial companies are slow to accept the power of B2B social media marketing, the effectiveness of these platforms in branding and targeting advertising makes them increasingly valuable. With customers increasing acceptance of social media into their everyday lives, as well as the 10+ hours the average American spends on a screen each day, B2B social media marketing generates leads and sales.

Stifel Marcin’s B2B social media marketing agency services provide a unique opportunity to develop an ongoing dialog with customers and demonstrate your company’s brand.

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B2B Social Media Marketing Opportunities

Social media platforms for industrial clients shouldn’t just be limited to LinkedIn and YouTube. With the increasing usage, changing B2B audience demographics, and highly-targeted advertising placement opportunities, sites like Facebook and Instagram can generate leads and actively engage a customer base. Our B2B social media marketing agency services provide the best ways to allocate budget, create effective campaigns and analyze data to ensure effective and powerful results.

B2B social media marketing is not as simple as posting your company picnic to your news feed. While “personality posts” in the organic feed are important, a smart digital marketing campaign will integrate effective sponsored posts, content marketing, and video marketing in a variety of opportunities.

B2B social media marketing can target specific users to maximize your results with remarketing opportunities that track users, as well as highly-detailed personality profiles and like-for-like matching.

Smart Social Campaigns

A good B2B social media marketing campaign is developed with strategic planning of content (news), placements (organic and paid), platforms and timing. The posts and information your company puts out projects your brand image. From technical tips that promote your company’s expertise to sponsored video placements that engage users who are most likely to watch your video ad, our B2B social media marketing agency services manage a wide variety of information and techniques to maximize results.

Write posts on useful tips, let people know about a sale, announce new products – whatever you have to say, social media marketing is often one of the lowest cost mediums to deliver your message.

B2B Social Marketing

As a marketing agency focused solely on B2B markets, our team understands how to maximize B2B social media opportunities for industrial clients. Technical videos, product rollouts, and news streams can be strategically combined to position your brand in a media where many competitors may not exist, or when paid opportunities are extremely low-cost and highly-targeted. During our almost two decades in business, we’ve witnessed the growth of B2B social media marketing effectiveness. We understand the industrial audience is diverse, professional and unique- that’s why we have created social marketing plans for an array of B2B clients that are proven to generate leads and brand awareness.

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