B2B Public Relations

A company that is highlighted in articles, trade publications and broadcast media is presented as a respected source, earning an inherent validity and offering a great potential for return.

Press releases and public relations can get the word out in a way traditional advertising cannot. Stifel Marcin’s experienced B2B Public Relations experts work to get your products and business featured in the press and in the public. We create thoughtful plans, write informative releases, research media lists and work with editors to get your business covered. In B2B, public relations can have wide-reaching impact.

Marketing Your Story

Much more than posting a release on a news wire, our B2B public relations agency services build relationships. We pitch stories and make connections for our clients. In ideal situations, we create a plan for ongoing announcements and begin a dialogue with reporters – sometimes the press will even contact us with news requests.

As a full-service industrial marketing agency, Stifel Marcin is able to leverage our existing relationships with trade publications to get your story covered. We are always working to expand our B2B public relations contacts, and our reputation as a leading industrial marketing agency gives validity to our content and attracts attention.

Maximizing The Return On B2B PR Efforts

Whether we can work on a per-project basis for one release, or with an on-going B2B public relations plan, Stifel Marcin understands the value in content marketing. While we work to gain maximum exposure and coverage of your story, optimizing the distribution of your B2B PR based on the news type and budget, we also understand the value of our clients’ time.

During our almost 2 decades as a leading industrial marketing agency, we’ve developed special processes that help to streamline our B2B PR, content development and advertising processes. The creation of good B2B public relations does require the help of our clients, providing the details about your news, and reviewing releases for technical accuracy and technical correctness. We understand and value our clients’ time, and have developed integrated marketing plans that help expand one B2B PR into a complete marketing message – across digital media, social media marketing and more. This extension not only maximizes the return on our clients’ efforts, but also optimizes our efforts ensuring the maximum return on our B2B PR services.

Understanding B2B Public Relations Content

While we love to provide details in our B2B public relations efforts, we work every day with propriety solutions and technical information that must be carefully filtered to protect our clients and their customers. Since 2001 Stifel Marcin has helped clients with their B2B Public relations, from story ideas through copywriting to distribution, and our experts regularly create news for our clients that generates the interest of trade publications while protecting sensitive information.