B2B Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Our B2B PPC agency services are one of the building blocks of a good digital marketing plan, and with a skilled deployment, can be an effective lead generating activity that will increase sales for many B2B companies.

Pay-per-click marketing on search engines allows you to communicate highly relevant messages to highly targeted audiences Our B2B PPC experts develop and manage your ad campaigns to control when, where and how your ads appear, for greatest engagement.

Proven B2B Pay-Per-Click Advertising Results

Stifel Marcin’s B2B PPC agency services help customers optimize their paid search engine marketing. Whether your ad is on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon or Baidu, PPC marketing needs to be strategically controlled and refined. We conduct on-going data review and maintenance to ensure your pay-per-click search and display advertising campaigns perform, drive leads and increase sales. Our experienced B2B PPC agency team analyzes an array of data when evaluating paid search engine marketing effectiveness. We review click-through-rates (CTRs), cost-per-click (CPC), and most importantly, the to evaluate performance, traffic impact, conversion rates and overall click quality, to ensure your PPC advertising is providing a valuable return.

And, of course, your B2B PPC campaigns should be part of a larger strategy which includes organic search engine optimization, branding, content and other digital marketing efforts, all of which work together for optimal results.

PPC Re-Marketing Capabilities

As part of our PPC search and display advertising efforts, we run highly-focused remarketing campaigns for many clients, which allow us to tailor content to the user and follow a potential customer on their buying journey. Our B2B PPC agency strategies ensure your brand is present when and where customers are most likely to engage.

From ads that display to people who have previously visited your website, to messaging informed by a visitor’s web browsing history, our strategic B2B PPC campaigns are built to deliver results.

The Difference of a Proven B2B PPC Agency

A good B2B PPC agency is a vital component of your overall marketing and visibility. While throwing up a few PPC ads on a platform like Google AdWords may seem easy enough, the development, implementation and ongoing management of PPC search and display campaigns is actually very complex. Inexperienced oversight can ineffectively deplete a budget, and even drive site traffic that negatively impacts both your paid and organic listings without generating any results.

For clients with ongoing SEM management, our B2B PPC agency experts develop reports and conduct data analysis to help you understand the impact of your marketing dollars, and better inform updates and optimizations.