B2B Media Planning

In both traditional and digital media, we review tie-ins, identify opportunities and negotiate contracts to deliver a plan that maximizes visibility and performance.

Trade publications offer a wide variety of opportunities, well-beyond traditional print advertising placements. For almost two decades, Stifel Marcin has provided expert B2B media planning agency services that maximize the diverse opportunities available, providing expert evaluation of placements, costs, and trackable data.

An Integrated B2B Media Planning Agency

Even the best ad won’t generate sales if it isn’t seen. Stifel Marcin’s B2B media planning agency service ensures you reach your target audience. As a full-service industrial marketing agency, we research, develop and negotiate plans, as well as develop the advertising materials you need. Our B2B media planning agency services consider a wide array of factors in our schedules. New product rollouts, time-sensitive sales, special campaigns – our media plan services, we plan for it all.

Negotiations that Lower Media Costs

Since 2001 Stifel Marcin has worked with an extensive list of B2B trade publications. Our B2B media plan team has earned a reputation for tough negotiations and will help maximize every dollar you spend.

As a B2B ad agency, we have developed special processes that help us learn about our clients’ business. We apply our B2B expertise with thoughtful research and balanced planning, getting your ads in the right editions and issues, so your ad appears when and where your customers are engaged. Our media planning capabilities extend across all platforms – from print to email to websites and beyond – and can maximize your visibility and results.

On-Going B2B Media Planning Support

Once a B2B media planning project is finalized, Stifel Marcin provides on-going account management. We take care of the insertions, ensure quality standards are met and work to get your ads in the best locations or rotations as possible. With projects with digital B2B media planning requirements, we also provide the trackable Analytics data that generates leads and evaluates the quantitative return on your investment.