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A leading supplier of power supplies, Transformer Technology, Inc., worked with Stifel Marcin on a new web site development. The Stifel Marcin team worked to maximize opportunities in the smaller site build, conveying a wide variety of information on TTI’s standard and custom product lines, while also promoting the company’s services, including power supply design, consulting and raw material supply.

Maximizing Engagement & Providing Value

The Stifel Marcin team planned the site based on a keyword analysis, identifying target phrases using search traffic volume, relevancy and business priority. A sidebar was included on each page of the site, providing a wide list of specific products Transformer Technology supplied, to help aid in the customer search process. The site’s design utilized a two-tier navigation, with a main menu that helped cross-sell company capabilities to site visitors, and with a secondary menu that linked to pages intended for SEO traffic or that supported the customer experience.

The site was designed with a clean, modern look and high-tech blue and green colors, referencing Transformer Technology’s electrical products. All pages incorporated multiple calls-to-action and featured a large, bold phone number and a “request a quote” button in the header to maximize lead generation.

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