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After developing branding and a logo design for the company, Stifel Marcin worked with Centritec Seals to develop a suite of marketing materials, including articles, a catalog, an industrial advertising campaign and a web site. In our web site development efforts, we were able to leverage the detailed information learned in our client intake process, not only to create site content, but to create infographics, chart the user experience and to develop a strategic and on-going search engine marketing plan.

Maximizing Engagement & Providing Value

As the centrifugal technology offered by Centritec Seals is unique, it was imperative to educate customers about this new product line, as well as drive new traffic to the site for related products that were solution competitors (not necessarily brand competitors).

The Stifel Marcin B2B web development team created a site with extensive support materials, allowing engineers and designers to access comparative information, FAQs, technical explanations and more. All pages of the site were designed with key benefits highlighted for fast reading, as well as contact forms and calls-to-action, to help generate leads.

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