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B2B Social Media Campaign

For over a century, Newcomb Spring has manufactured precision custom spring and metal formed components. The company’s leading manufacturing capabilities and extensive product line are recognized throughout the industry for excellence, and as part of our integrated marketing solutions for Newcomb Spring, Stifel Marcin developed a social media campaign to continue to spread this message.

The Social Media Strategy

Yearly social marketing plans are created to correspond with on-going advertising campaigns, and which are developed to convey a variety of core brand messages. With posts related to technical insight, product information, company news and brand personality, customers and connections were provided insight into the Newcomb Spring culture, as well as regular engagement with the brand.

As one of the largest metal component manufacturers, Newcomb Spring also offers an extremely skilled and experienced staff. Stifel Marcin leveraged regular employee service anniversaries and created a regular series of posts noting specific team members’ years of services. While this created additional recognition or appreciation of notable employee efforts, which was also a benefit in employee recruitment, it also demonstrated to customers the experienced team that Newcomb Spring offers.

With a regular plan of posts on Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin, Newcomb Spring’s social media marketing regularly engages users. Additional paid and sponsored posts are incorporated to assist in search engine marketing goals and help to promote the company to a new audience.

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