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As one of the world’s leading spring and metal form manufacturers, Newcomb Spring offers a wide array of advanced manufacturing capabilities. The company’s internal Innovation Department regularly develops unique and specialized solutions to assist in manufacturing and quality assurance processes. Newcomb Spring had developed a state-of-the-art camera gauge system that monitored components as they were manufactured, identifying and rejecting any component that exceeded allowances, right as it was formed.

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The Stifel Marcin team created a video about this impressive system, not only to be used on the web site, but that could be promoted through a variety of content marketing and digital marketing channels. A storyboard was created to plan the video, with video footage filmed and a voiceover script written, that explained the details of the system’s operation.

By incorporating a series of close up shots and complete system functions, the Newcomb Spring camera gauge video explained the complex nuances of the sophisticated system clearly, with visual representations that allowed customers to understand the value provided. This state-of-the-art system, while extremely valuable in manufacturing quality control, also provided a unique opportunity for integrated marketing of a system that supported the Newcomb Spring brand, and was used in PR, advertising efforts and for search engine marketing.

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