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Carlyle Johnson is a leading manufacturer of industrial clutch, brake and power transmission solutions. For over a century CJM has provided engineering expertise to mission-critical industries including aerospace, agriculture, medical, military and more.

CJM and Stifel Marcin have collaborated for more than a decade to develop marketing strategies and campaigns that effectively convey their brand promise, expand visibility and increase sales. As part of our work, Stifel Marcin has developed an integrated search engine marketing strategy centered on the CJM website, which includes organic search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing initiatives.

Driving Web Site Traffic & Sales Leads

During the original web site development, our UX team organized content and product models into categories, with landing pages developed to drive people to those keyword-relevant category pages. This allowed visitors to easily find the right products based on actuation type. The site navigation was developed with a mega-dropdown menu, which effectively highlighted CJM’s expansive catalog of products, as well as created cross-selling opportunities – prominently displaying the full CJM product line. This allowed customers to identify other products also needed in their systems.

It has been almost five years since the original development of the Carlyle Johnson website, and since that time the site has gone regular SEO maintenance and updates, with monthly efforts that work to improve traffic. Stifel Marcin’s work evaluates visitors and site performance and works to ensure CJM appears in front of the right audiences, for with the right keyword searches.

In addition to our organic SEO work, a comprehensive PPC ad campaign was launched to further enhance the visibility of CJM products and increase clicks to the site. The detailed campaign is driven by engineering terms, with a variety of negative keywords that help to avoid wasted impressions and clicks from irrelevant queries.

In our work with Carlyle Johnson, the site has seen regular increases in traffic, with organic traffic that has doubled since the launch, and year-over-year improvement in all tracked performance metrics.

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