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Newcomb Spring, one of North America’s largest custom spring and metal form manufacturers, has worked with Stifel Marcin for years on integrated marketing solutions. With the most recent iteration of, our goal was to increase qualified leads and generate higher volumes of relevant traffic. The Stifel Marcin team set out to develop a website build that was, from the core, designed for maximum search engine marketing benefit.

Driving Web Site Traffic & Sales Leads

As part of our ongoing SEO management, we continually analyze website metrics, evaluate data and make informed updates and optimizations. We look at visitor activity by page – even with mouse flow video monitoring – and used our SEO expertise to identify opportunities. Using the information gained during Newcomb Spring’s previous web site optimization, the Stifel Marcin team developed a new site UX and content organization. We integrated cross-linking, technical content, engineering tools, and prominent calls-to-action, and built a site with engaging content and that turn visitors into leads.

In addition to organic SEO, the Stifel Marcin team has developed a comprehensive digital marketing plan for Newcomb Spring, which includes PPC and social advertising, as well as digital ads on key trade publications. All of these efforts support the Newcomb Spring brand, increase the volume of traffic to and drive in new leads.

Thanks to our ongoing and effective collaboration, the Newcomb Spring web site continues to be the company’s leading source of new leads. With the newest version of the website launched, we have doubled the volume of site visits as well as the leads converted, compared to the previous site.

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