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Orange Research manufactures differential pressure and flow monitoring gauges, switches, and transmitters, which are recognized for rugged performance. Stifel Marcin collaborated with Orange Research to develop a new web site with the goal of optimizing it for search engine queries and driving new leads.

Driving Web Site Traffic & Sales Leads

As part of a completely new website design, content development and organization, Stifel Marcin conducted a detailed keyword analysis, creating a prioritization focused on relevant keywords and phrases. The site was then developed around these phrases, as well as clear user navigation paths, allowing users to access site content quickly. Funnels were established to drive users to pages with contact forms, working to reduce the number of clicks from initial entry to conversion.

After the new site was launched, an integrated pay-per-click marketing campaign was deployed. The campaign is targeted to high-quality traffic sources and uses a wide variety of negative keywords to eliminate low-quality traffic sources and search traffic that is not specifically targeted to Orange Research customer profiles.

The site’s marketing is regularly updated and expanded for search engine optimization and PPC goals, as well as to maximize search engine marketing opportunities. These efforts have more than doubled the leads generated and significantly improved traffic volume and quality.

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