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With some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing equipment and technologies, Newcomb Spring is one of North America’s largest custom spring and metal form manufacturers. The company has worked with Stifel Marcin on the entirety of its marketing efforts, including the development of content marketing materials and press releases.

The Stifel Marcin B2B content marketing team often develops pieces that can be utilized across a variety of applications – first as press release subjects that can generate editorial coverage, then redeploying those efforts across other channels, such as digital marketing, search engine optimization and more.

Communications Strategy

As part of our work with Newcomb Spring, our team generates content that highlights notable projects as well as company capabilities. Articles describe a variety of unique projects – such as custom coil springs used in dough mixing machinery – and provided credibility and distinction for Newcomb Spring’s engineering department and precision capabilities. Additionally, content was developed to promote Newcomb Spring’s advanced technology, such as their unique camera gauge system, that monitors part compliance in real time.

With the support of a variety of Newcomb Spring staff – from engineering to management – Stifel Marcin was able to maximize the return on content marketing initiatives while continually supporting brand positions.

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