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Centritec Seals designs and manufacturers non-contact seals that use a unique, patented, centrifugal principal that allows for extended operation and prevents leaks and lubricant contamination. As part of our integrated marketing for Centritec Seals, Stifel Marcin developed a detailed, 12-page catalog that described the seals and their applications, listed product types, as well as order numbers to facilitate purchase.

Creative & Production Strategy

The brochure was designed for maximum marketing impact and to provide technical support regarding this innovative product line. Application imagery was included throughout the piece, demonstrating the wide variety of proper installations for the seals, and benefit-oriented messaging appeared across the catalog to emphasize seal performance.

Using an outline of catalog text that was supplied by the client, Stifel Marcin developed a new catalog organization which allowed for clear and quick access to information. Our team wrote and edited the catalog content to improve marketing presentation, as well as readability, and created a clean layout that presented extensive and detailed content. Product pages included charts of model numbers to help customers identify the correct parts, and contact information was included on every page of the piece to emphasize the support available from Centritec Seals in-house engineering department.

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