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Control Module Industries has a series of divisions, each with unique and diverse product lines and offerings. CMI worked with Stifel Marcin in the development of branding for each unique division – creating logos and a variety of support materials for their promotion.

Building Brand Identity

The Stifel Marcin team worked to develop design consistency across all divisions, first developing colors and a core standard that we carried throughout each design. This helped to build consistency and a correlation between each division, especially as division offerings were diverse, and the icons would often appear together in corporate CMI materials.

Our B2B logo design team individualized each logo, incorporating graphics that referenced each division’s products and capabilities. The CMI Time Management logo, which represented the company’s time and resource tracking devices and software, featured a modern clock representation. The Fleet Management division was designed with a traffic lane and referenced that division’s vehicle tracking solutions.

Stifel Marcin also assisted in the development of additional company marketing materials, including websites, PR, and printed pieces.

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