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A new and patented solution, Centritec Seals, offers an extensive product line of centrifugal seals that keep lubricants in and contaminants out. Stifel Marcin has worked for years with the parent company of the new business and was tapped to develop a full suite of marketing materials, starting with branding and a logo identity.

Building Brand Identity

During our client intake process, Stifel Marcin’s research and education included reviews of product drawings. Our team used the CADs as inspiration in the industrial logo design, artfully incorporating the product cut-away shape into two separate “C’s” – which combined into one complete “S” – becoming the initials for Centritec Seals.

The blue brand color of the parent company’s standard was selected in the design process, helping to emphasize the affiliation of the two organizations, while ensuring complementary aesthetics when the two industrial logo designs appeared together.

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