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Visualizing the application of any part can be a challenge when manufacturers go to sell to key audiences. To help educate prospective customers and help them understand the scenarios in which a part can be applied, Stifel Marcin’s expert B2B app development team worked to create a web-based, password-protected, interactive tool.

App Development & Promotion

This tool was created for a major wire manufacturer and distributor and provided an interactive, clickable experience. As visitors clicked around an image of a large piece of machinery, they were able to see how this manufacturer’s communication wires were applied to the machine and how they work.

With each click, visitors are given a cut-away view of the communication wires, the ability to zoom in and out, as well as call-out boxes providing specific features and information. There was an additional option to click out from each of these touchpoints in the interactive tool and to data sheets that provide more detailed specs.

This tool has been an important driver of sales for the communication wires because it helps customers identify key specifications and the widespread application of the wires in robotics, aerospace, off-road vehicles and more.

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