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As one of the country’s largest and most advanced custom spring manufacturers, Newcomb Spring worked with Stifel Marcin to develop its unique spring calculator. This unique tool allows engineers and designers to input only a few data points to determine extensive spring design specifications, as well as test stress limits and more.

App Development & Promotion

With an extensive back-end database developed to run the app, our B2B app team learned the intricacies of spring design in order to plan the user experience. An interface and user path was developed that could be deployed on both the mobile app and the desktop version, ensuring maximum customer usability and consistency. In addition to assisting in spring design, the Springulator® has integrated quoting and contact capabilities, allowing for fast RFQs and lead generation opportunities.

Stifel Marcin worked to develop the app, as well as the entire Springulator® brand, creating the name, the logo and associated iconography. All materials supported the Newcomb brand identity, providing a cohesive image for the company while demonstrating its leading technologies and customer service. It has become a go-to resource for engineers, demonstrating Newcomb Spring’s technology, leadership and value.

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