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One of North America’s largest custom metal component manufacturers, Newcomb Spring® offers some of the world’s most advanced technology, capabilities, and processes in the production of springs, wire forms, and stampings. As part of our integrated marketing efforts with Newcomb Spring, Stifel Marcin developed a leadership-driven advertising campaign that is carried throughout a variety of media, using tangible examples of the company’s unrivaled manufacturing services.

The Creative Strategy

We created a series of ads, each highlighting a specific item that promoted the company’s leadership. Ads featured the company’s extensive facility network, its spring calculator app, ownership of the largest Wafios® coiling diameter machinery in the country, its Innovation Department, and custom software. Each leadership example was further explained in ad campaign text and provided “proof” of the overarching campaign theme. Ads were designed in a 1/3-page ad size to maximize the likelihood of placement within editorial content, and incorporated a product collage of major part types, for a quick representation of Newcomb Spring’s manufacturing capabilities.

Media & Implementation

Our media planning team developed a rotating schedule of ad placements, varying content based on editorial focus, readership and to create maximum visibility and impact. A selection of digital and print ads appeared in trade publications, on industry websites, and across social media platforms, creating a consistent brand image and message.

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