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Carlyle Johnson produces industrial clutch, brake and power transmission solutions used in a variety of mission-critical applications. For over a century, their team has solved some of the toughest engineering challenges for applications in aerospace, agriculture, medical, military and more. Stifel Marcin has worked with CJM for over a decade, helping this leading manufacturing company convey their brand promise, their product value and grow their sales.

The Creative Strategy

Employing a variety of our B2B ad agency services, we developed a campaign that highlighted the dramatic applications and harsh environments where these industrial components are applied. The print ad campaign appears in a variety of sizes and publications, with imagery that highlights actual applications for CJM parts – in outer space satellites, on the ground in military vehicles, and in the air in recovery helicopters.

Our content marketing team developed headlines and themes for the B2B print ad campaign, with wordplay that emphasized the application and product capabilities. Body copy highlighted the company’s diverse product line and value-added capabilities and included multiple calls-to-action.

Media & Implementation

Stifel Marcin’s B2B media planning services developed, negotiated and placed both print and digital advertising in a wide variety of industrial trade publications, ensuring the client received the most visibility and return on their B2B ad campaign budget.

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