B2B Marketing That Powers Manufacturing

Since 2001, Stifel Marcin has helped manufacturers improve their brands and drive sales with innovative marketing and advertising programs.

Our client roster includes some of the world’s leading industrial companies, from international component suppliers, to new contract manufacturing shops.

Our team of experts offers an in-depth understanding of the specialized concerns that are most important in modern manufacturing marketing. Whether we’re identifying the targeted keywords that drive customers to your web site or crafting a comprehensive advertising strategy that sets your brand apart in the marketplace, Stifel Marcin’s full-service capabilities help manufacturers grow.

Proven Success Marketing For Manufacturers

Stifel Marcin is founded on the idea that our clients’ success is our success. Our focus on B2B and manufacturing marketing separates us from other advertising agencies, but it’s our dedication and commitment to excellence that keeps our client list so strong. In fact, we still work with some of the very same manufacturing clients we founded our agency with almost 20 years ago.

Stifel Marcin’s manufacturing marketing agency services speak the language of engineers, project managers and manufacturing leaders. We understand how to leverage diverse advertising channels with campaigns customized for manufacturers, and our specialized expertise in lead-generating digital marketing strategies can quantitatively track results. As we approach our 20th year in business, we have a proven track record of manufacturing marketing agency capabilities that helps companies grow.

Maximizing Resources And Returns

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, businesses must strictly control budgets and resources. Manufacturing marketing requires a specialized understanding, and the Stifel Marcin team works to ensure the most value is realized for our client’s efforts. While our manufacturing marketing agency services are optimized to keep costs as low as possible, we also understand that time is money, and that the time our clients provide to us is also valuable and limited.

Our expertise in marketing and advertising, coupled with almost two decades of experience working with industrial clients, has allowed Stifel Marcin to develop unique manufacturing marketing agency processes that maximize return. From re-purposing content across multiple platforms, to refining campaigns so that placement is limited to impressions that are most likely to convert, our team members are experts at creating effective marketing for manufacturers.

Specialized Manufacturing Marketing Agency Processes

Marketing for manufacturers is complicated. Stifel Marcin has developed a specialized client intake process that allows our team to learn about your business so we can develop the most effective solutions. We get into the details learning about your products, your unique benefits, the challenges your customers face and the engineering concerns that affect the buying cycle.

In today’s modern manufacturing marketing environment, where content and digital marketing have become so important, it’s critical that a company effectively leverage all the tools available.

Some clients work with us on a per-project basis, while others rely on us like an in-house marketing department. We allocate your budget across planning campaigns, writing and designing the projects and delivering a complete manufacturing marketing solution.

If you’re looking for a new manufacturing marketing agency or are considering using an advertising firm for the first time, we’re here to help. Give us a call or fill out a quick online contact form – we can quote a project or just chat on the phone about your manufacturing marketing agency needs.