About Andrew Stifel

Andrew Stifel provides expert creative leadership and client relationship management, and founded Stifel Marcin in 2001 with the goal of exceeding customer expectations.

Creative, Results-Driven B2B Marketing Experience

Andrew founded the agency after years in the advertising industry, and set out to provide a solution that clients could trust, and that was completely dedicated to a client success.

With a background in art direction, Andrew is the lead creative at Stifel Marcin who uniquely balances “left brain” and “right brain” thinking, helping the company provide results-driven efforts and impactful campaigns. He loves to work one-on-one with clients, learning about industrial products and markets, and expertly crafts campaigns that champion a brand and speak directly to a B2B audience.

Andrew has led the company through its expansion, providing vision and a “roll-up-your-sleeves” approach which has helped Stifel Marcin to become one of the industry’s leading B2B marketing firms.

About Andrew Stifel

Growing up in an advertising display company – CenConn Advertising – Andrew was raised in the world of advertising, marketing and design. After earning his Bachelor of Science from Southern CT State University, Andrew earned his stripes working in Hartford-area agencies before venturing out on his own in 2001. He continually demonstrates that great design and smart advertising are in his blood, and has spear-headed effective campaigns for clients that have produced, and continue to produce, the sales and growth.

A master at brand design, Andrew is the creative leader at Stifel Marcin, and keeps the agency driven by excellence. As one of the few ad agencies founded by “a creative” – Andrew’s dedication to creativity and communication design sets Stifel Marcin apart.

A hands-on guy, Andrew travels with a tool box in his jeep and is always ready for a D-I-Y project. When he isn’t tinkering, Andrew’s likely off hiking, fishing, or searching for gourmet hot dogs.

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