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B2B Marketing Is All We Do

Stifel Marcin has been helping clients define their brand, plan their campaigns and deliver their message for almost two decades. We work with a diverse variety of industrial companies and produce effective and strategic marketing for regional, national and international distribution – all while maintaining creative excellence and unrivaled service. Our manufacturing marketingindustrial marketing and technology marketing services give us the unique experience and understanding that can only be provided by one of the industry’s leading B2B marketing companies.

Our agency is dedicated to your success. We learn about your organization’s products, services and business goals so we can effectively define a brand, craft your message and get the word out. Many of our clients view us as an extension of their company. We offer a flexible structure that allows us to think and function like an in-house marketing department, all while providing the expertise of a full service B2B marketing agency.

Completely Integrated B2B Marketing Company Services & Planning

Stifel Marcin offers full service B2B marketing company services – which provide our clients with a one-stop solution and a complete advertising strategy. While we can work on a per-project basis, or for a limited engagement, we are most effective when we help our clients with integrated B2B marketing and advertising. We help plan annual budgets, track returns and plan a marketing strategy. With a wide variety of project-specific services, our B2B marketing company solutions include:

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Trade Show Marketing
A Results-Driven B2B Marketing & Advertising Agency

Our award-winning B2B marketing company team is comprised of experienced professionals that deliver results for industrial clients. We understand our value is measured by the return of our B2B marketing company services, and we are driven by our clients’ success. Find out more about our named partners, Andrew Stifel and Christine Marcin, as well as our Creative Director, Nick Healy, and Director of Content Marketing, Karen Dunbar.

As advertising becomes more complex, with digital solutions that track customers well beyond your website, and the increasingly diverse touchpoints required in the sales process, our B2B marketing company works at the forefront of technology. We uniquely combine expertise, proven solutions, and proven strategies that deliver results.

Results which generate leads, sales and returns.

A Highly-Experienced B2B Marketing Agency

If you’re looking for a new B2B advertising agency or have specific B2B advertising and marketing projects you are considering, we’re here to help. Give us a call or fill out a quick online contact form– we can quote your B2B advertising project, or just chat on the phone about your industrial marketing agency needs.

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