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B2B Marketing Trends in Manufacturing, Technology and Industry for 2020.

As digitization, automation and message saturation increases in our lives, so does the need for smart B2B marketing for manufacturing, technology and industrial companies. Our team (yup, real people, not a bunch of software) are on top of the latest B2B marketing trends for 2020. Here are some of the top items we are tracking as we develop plans for our clients, as well as some helpful tips to help you Power Up Your Marketing.

Trend One: 10+ Hours of Opportunities.

The average person in the U.S. currently watches a screen for more than 10 hours a day. Those screens are opportunities for marketers, who can take advantage of an expanding digital landscape that is dynamic, complex and direct. In 2020, the B2B marketing tools at our disposal are incredibly robust, with better data tracking, better targeting and better options. From Geo-Fenced Display Ads at key industry events to Social Media with Focused Interests and Native Ads with B2B Intent targeting – the variety of ways we can reach a highly-specific group of potential customers is extensive. Good digital marketing takes real expertise and engaged partners. Digital campaigns must be constantly refined for success, and protecting your brand is critical in the online landscape. It means not just being online, but being smart online.

Trend Two: ABM Equals ROI.

86% of B2B marketers found that Account Based Marketing (ABM) outperformed other marketing investments in terms of return. In ABM, we identify key targets, develop strategic plans to reach those targets, then engage them with content that is valuable and personalized to their needs. It’s about having a “small net” approach that yields the very best results, and is focused on your goals – which in the end increases return. Read our white paper on Account Based Marketing for B2B companies.

Trend Three: Content is King… Still.

In today’s Attention Economy, you must ensure your content provides value quickly and clearly to customers just to get them to engage. But what makes something have value? Being sure your marketing messaging is highly-relevant and focused on the hearts and minds of your target audience is critical. Understand who your target really is – a fully fleshed-out persona that includes their cares and concerns. B2B marketers must provide content that customers can use, and that customers feel is worthy of their time. It’s never been more important to be strategic about the content-driven marketing assets you create.

Trend Four: Post or Be Toast.

Investing in social media for your B2B business is smart spending. 90% of marketers, say social marketing has raised awareness of their brand, products and services and 75% say social marketing has increased traffic to their website. Paid social marketing provides a highly-targeted audience and a variety of opportunities to capture attention as people engage with screens. The “organic” social feed is equally valuable – putting your messaging in front of people who already know your products and services, and delivering high-value content to generate return customers. Potentially equally as important in a highly-competitive hiring environment, social media is a great way to give your brand some personality, which goes a long way in recruitment and employee engagement. 

Trend Five: Update SEO. PDQ.

Google rolls out changes to its algorithms 500 to 600 times per year. While you can’t track every update, actively improving your website and updating your SEO strategy is more than smart, it’s a necessity. From on-page updates to backlinking to SERP positions, working to ensure your site is working as hard as it can be is a cornerstone of virtually any good marketing strategy. There will be dramatic search engine optimization (SEO) shifts in 2020 that B2B marketers will need to stay on top of to make certain sites are well optimized. If your marketing department can’t stay abreast of this pace of change, partner with a B2B marketing agency with digital expertise that can. 

Trend Six: Measure. Evaluate. Act. With Expertise.

You’ve paid attention to B2B marketing trends and implemented a smart, successful strategy based on these insights. As you work with your agency to create assets and implement your tactics, remember that guesswork should not play a part in measuring success. Analytics capabilities are advancing as fast as anything else in the digital world. Looking at data with an expert eye can help interpret data, know what to measure, and understand the tactics that allow you to react with smart strategies. Understand your customers’ physical and digital journey, and you can customize the channels, messaging and campaigns that lead to conversions.

Trend Seven: People Matter. Thinking Matters.

Automated software, CRMs and programmatic insights have value, but they are no replacement for a thinking human being. The growth of automated marketing programs has increased recently, but often their promise is misleading. Nothing in the B2B marketing world is set-it-and-forget-it, and the idea that software can truly understand and predict behavior is not accurate (at least not yet). Humans – your customers – are driven by emotional connections. While their decision-making process may be highly analytical, there is almost always a core concern that has an “incalculable” weight – be it safety, risk, savings – as well as an emotional hook that draws them into your content. In the Attention Economy, that hook is even more critical to get right. 

Leading the Trend in B2B Marketing

Proactive marketing that takes advantage of the full scope of opportunities available today takes skill. In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, trends and changes are occurring more rapidly than ever, and smart strategies require an integrated skill set. From data analysis to creative campaign development to deployment on traditional and new medias, effective marketing and advertising comes from partnerships with the right people. Since 2001, our experts have delivered proven results. We know how to craft strategies within a budget that deliver success. Let us help you Power Up Your Marketing today – contact us to set up a time to chat.

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