No Retainer Required

Clients work with us, and come back to us, because of our performance – not because they are locked-in to a retainer.

New clients are often surprised that we do not require a retainer. Some other agencies in Connecticut and the U.S. will only work with clients that agree to an annual contract. Typically, the agency charges a monthly fee in exchange for a set number of work hours per month. If you need more work than your set hours, you get charged. If you need less, the agency keeps the difference.

Stifel Marcin prides us on being better than the rest, not just in our work, but also in how we run our business. We don’t lock people into a contract and sit back – we work hard to keep your business. Our team will learn about your products, services, company history and culture, and continue that discovery throughout our relationship, as your business evolves. We focus on getting paid for the great work we do – not a bundle of unused hours.

Marketing & Advertising Budgets with a Plan

Too often, ad agency retainers become a restriction. Most plans include just enough hours to do some basic advertising and marketing, but not enough to do anything significant. You can revise an existing sell sheet, make some web updates, etc., but it never gets to be “big picture” or truly strategic marketing.

Stifel Marcin works to help our clients use their budgets to create maximum impact. While some prospective clients don’t like to divulge their budget – and by no means do you have to – available funds can better inform our recommendations and formulation of your strategy. We use our expertise and analyze current marketing efforts and performance to develop a strategic plan to best utilize the budget over a certain period.

In lieu of a monthly retainer, we also provide costs on a per-project basis. If you know what you need, we can give you a quote. We know you’ll be impressed with our work and are confident that our relationship with our clients is our “retainer.”

In Need of an Experienced Industrial Marketing Team?

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