The Importance of HTTPS & SEO

That’s because some URLs start with HTTP:// while others start with HTTPS://. The extra “s” stands for secure, and it is used by websites that require “sensitive information.” Traditionally people considered sensitive information the type of data that might be related to financial transactions, but current thinking has extended the idea of what personally identifiable information (PII) really is.

In recent years Google has taken steps to make the web a safer place for everyone and started to reward websites that were using the SSL, or secure protocol, with better rankings. Recently, Google announced that its browser, Chrome (the world’s most popular internet browser), would start flagging websites with forms as non-secure if the https was not configured. The Google flag would signal your visitors that your site is potentially not safe, thereby deterring people from conducting business with you.

Search engines like Google take security very seriously, and so should you. Most industrial manufacturing websites receive more than half of their traffic from a search. If you are not making a move towards a secure site, you may soon start to experience a drop in your daily and monthly traffic stats. Less traffic means fewer leads, fewer quotes (RFQs) and lower sales.

The moral of the story? If you still think that your website does not need HTTPS or that it costs too much money for you to implement – think again.

While HTTPS is not free, it is certainly not going to break the bank. To get a certificate, you must purchase it from a reputable sourcing vendor, called a certificate authority. A project called SSLmate provides SSL certificates as cheaply as 15.95/year per domain. They offer other pricing structures for securing multiple domain names or sub-domains. Another recognized project that offers free certificates is Let’s Encrypt.

SSLmate and Let’s Encrypt require that you have some general expertise in web programming and server management to install the certificates.

If you do not have the time or ability to use these cheaper SSL implementation services, there are other routes you can take. These options are a little more expensive, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand from reputable certificates authorities like Comodo, GoDaddy, GeoTrust, Thawte, and Network Solutions among others.

Offerings from these certificate providers are very similar, and the cost will depend on your needs. Upon purchase, and depending on the type of certificate selected, the SSL certificate may be issued instantly, or it could take up to 2-3 business days to receive.

No matter what route you choose to pursue, be sure that you select a reliable SSL certificate provider. When it comes to reliability, the price isn’t always an indicator of trust, and some of the more inexpensive certificates are considered to just as good as others. Differentiators to look for often include customer service, easiness of installation, and speed in the issuance of the SSL certificate.

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