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Best Practices In Google Ads Advertising

Having a Google Ads Certified specialist working on your PPC advertising ensures you are maximizing budget, generating quality leads, and using your advertising dollars effectively.

Benefits of a Google Ads Certified Agency

Simply running your ad via Google Ads is seemingly very simple. However – and we can’t stress this enough – knowing you are effectively advertising and monitoring the return on your spend is substantially more complex. A well-run Google Ads campaign can generate thousands of dollars in new sales and pays for itself. While a campaign that is set up and forgotten about, and lacks the strategic expertise of a Google Partner Agency can be a huge waste of those funds.

To help you evaluate your use of Google Ads and help set up your campaigns for success, we have compiled a list of basics our Google Ads certified team addresses when helping clients with their Google Ads/PPC advertising:

  • Proper account set-up – Much more than selecting your geographical regions and time of day parameters, properly setting up a Google Ads account provides control over the entire campaign. A client’s spend, audience focus, bids, cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rate and virtually all the aspects of your PPC advertising should be understood and controlled to maintain performance.
  • Campaign types – Will you be running on the search or display network? Will you be running “re-marketing” ads? These selections can dramatically affect your spend and your placement, so proper Google Ads account set-up should include determinations on which campaign types are best for your advertising goals. As a Google Partner Agency – Stifel Marcin advises clients on the best ways to set up a campaign that will best achieve their goals.
  • Keyword selection – Proper and effective use of “exact match”, “broad match”, and “phrase match” keywords as well as the use of modifiers is critical in Google Ads advertising. Without a clear understanding, you might be running ads on phrases that aren’t relevant to your business or narrowing your ability to place on phrases that are relevant to your products and services.
  • Negative keywords – Just as important as selecting the right keywords with the right match type and modifiers, is selecting the keywords you don’t want to appear on. For example, if you sell metal rods, you don’t want to appear in searches for “metal fishing rods”. Our Google Ads Certified professionals conduct extensive research and continually monitor your account to ensure that your ads aren’t appearing in searches that aren’t relevant to your business and wasting your budget.
  • Ad content – We work to create ad content that gets attention and hits on the characteristics your customers are looking for. We also test ad content to constantly improve click rates and lead generation.
  • Bid control – One of the most important aspects of ongoing Google Ads optimization is properly controlling bids. As bid costs shift with the market, ensuring that your bids and spend are providing good placement and are generating quality clicks is imperative. We constantly review metrics including bid costs, click-through-rates (CTRs), and the time visitors spend on your site to ensure your Google Ads spend is generating a positive ROI. We also monitor and test budgets and bids, so you are reacting to changes in competitor advertising and staying on top of the trends and Google Ads changes.
  • Extensions – Google advertisements that place in the top three spots are eligible to extension display. Google Ads extensions include calls to action or contact elements such as a phone number, or click off to specific product pages on your website, etc., and they increase the overall real estate your ad occupies in the top of the Google search results. Ads with extensions typically have a higher CTR – though it is important to properly monitor your spends, and this higher placement also costs more than lower spots. Stifel Marcin’s certified Google Ads specialists provide ongoing optimization of your spend and media placement.
  • Relevancy – Properly setting up your Google Ads campaign requires landing pages with content that is relevant to a search term, and ad copy that supports the same message. A higher relevancy score will lower your advertising costs and improve your ad placement.
  • Conversion set-up – Conversion goals can be set up to help monitor the quality of your Google Ads leads. Perhaps a goal is to have a visitor fill out a contact form, or perhaps they need to make a purchase through an e-commerce site. Our Google Ads specialists can help you determine the best goals to help increase the ROI of your campaigns and drive more relevant leads for your sales team.
  • Ongoing maintenance – Just as important as knowing how to set-up your Google Ads advertising is taking the time to monitor it. “Set it and forget it” just doesn’t work. Bids are constantly changing, users are evolving, and competition is increasing. Therefore, monitoring and controlling your Google Ads advertising is critical to generating a positive return.

    Google Ads Certified Advertising for B2B Clients

    As a Google Partner Agency focused on clients in business-to-business fields, our Google Ads Certified team works every day with companies in manufacturing, industry, and technology. Our team has a special focus on Google Ads advertising for the B2B market, and we work to ensure marketing goals, technical benefits and an understanding of your unique target audience is included in all Google advertising.

    Thinking about trying Google Ads advertising as part of your marketing mix? Complete the form below and someone from our team will be in touch. We’re happy to discuss your needs and the ways Stifel Marcin’s Google Certified experts can help.

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