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With more than a decade in business, Stifel Marcin is recognized as a leading manufacturing marketing and industrial marketing agency, with a special focus on clients in manufacturing, industry and technology. We understand the manufacturing and B2B marketplace, and help company's define their brand and grow their business.

Manufacturing Marketing & Advertising Experience

Our client list includes an array of manufacturers – from OEMs to end user B2B products shipped around the world. We love walking the shop floor – seeing parts pumping out of a stamping press or flowing through an assembly line. But we know marketing for manufactures doesn't just mean that we are promoting the end product. We help to define all the aspects that make customers choose you – special capabilities, engineering support, industry expertise and more. Manufacturing marketing isn't just selling a company's product – it's about selling the company.

An Extension of your Company

One of the things that separates Stifel Marcin from many marketing agencies is our dedication to your success. We work with our clients, learning as much as we can about their products, so we can act like an in–house marketing department. From advanced certifications to processes to engineering capabilities, we work to learn how your company operates, and why customers choose you. It is our agency's goal to work like a seamless extension of your company – making the marketing process easy and effective.

We Work to Make Things Easy

Many of our clients rely on us to handle everything related to their company's marketing. We allocate their budget, plan campaigns, write and design the projects and deliver a strategic manufacturing marketing package – keeping their work to a minimum. Other clients prefer we work on a per-project basis and providing support whenever our services are needed. Let us know how we can help you – contact us today for your manufacturing marketing and advertising needs.

Manufacturing Marketing & Advertising Know–How

If you'd like to see our manufacturing marketing and advertising materials, check our portfolio pages for some of our recent efforts. If you'd like to learn more about our approach and thoughts on manufacturing and marketing, visit our blog page for manufacturing marketing articles on ThomasNet, the top things a B2B web site should include, and more.

Just as many of our clients manufacture custom solutions for their customers, our advertising and marketing services and recommendations are customized for each client. As a full service marketing and advertising agency we provide an array of services, helping to ensure your budget is used optimally and that your messaging is consistent.

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