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While we are recognized for our excellence in B2B marketing, Stifel Marcin proudly works with some of the area's leading non-profit organizations. From groups that work with our communities' elderly citizens to babies born prematurely, our team can craft creative campaigns and marketing materials that generate awareness, engagement and action.

Marketing Not-For-Profits

Not-for-profit marketing often balances detailed information with the critically important spirit and mission of an organization's work. Materials may promote a not-for-profit agency's campaigns, events or finances, but must still reflect the image and core values that define the group.

We learn about what motivates an organization's supporters, beneficiaries and community, and apply our communication expertise to produce pieces that generate results.

Stifel Marcin works to integrate a not-for-profit agency's brand and position into all of its non-profit marketing materials. Many of the non-profit groups we work with are a local chapter of a national organization. Our team will work to ensure compliance with standards, and can integrate local initiatives into existing requirements and materials.

A Partner in Your Mission

We are proud to work with wonderful non-profit groups, and support them in the very important work that they do.  While we are recognized as one of the leading B2B advertising agencies, our non-profit clients know that it's our unique ability to combine specific information with messages that define a brand and mission.

In respect of the hard work and often very limited budgets that non-profit organizations operate with, Stifel Marcin discounts our services to qualified non-for-profit groups whenever possible. We partner with our non-profit clients, use our dedication and experience and produce maximum results – as well as some of our most emotionally fulfilling work.


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