Google Search Engine Optimization

Why do our search engine optimization plans seem to focus so much on Google? In many of our articles on search engine optimization, we reference Google but not Bing, Yahoo or AOL. Well, to put it simply, Google is the biggest and arguably the best.

Search Engine Optimization for Google

Check out the market share break-down, for the most recent statistics in the USA:

Google: Bing: Yahoo:
70% 11% 7%

Google has 2/3 of the entire search traffic out there. Bing and Yahoo are far less.

The first time I meet with a new client about search engine optimization for their web site, I often get asked why we talk about Google so much. First I reference the numbers and usage statistics. Then I say, "Well, what do you search with." I can probably count on one hand the number of times the response hasn't been Google.

Search Engine Algorithms

While Google is the biggest, it's really not all that different from Bing or Yahoo. There are some differences, but the three engines use very similar algorithms to determine rankings. There might be a slight difference in rankings, but at the end of the day, its pretty close. Since Google is the most-used, we focus and monitor the largest resource of traffic.

Also, many people don't know that Bing and Yahoo are both owned by Microsoft, and are operating with very similar parameters.

Work Towards First on Google

Google is still far and away the most-used engine, and also viewed by many as having the best results. We work to make our clients organically rank #1 on Google for as many phrases as we can.


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