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Connecticut-based Stifel Marcin provides effective web design and search engine optimization (SEO) services to many of our clients. While we can redesign a web site without an SEO plan, and all of our sites are coded to current search engine optimization standards, an on-going SEO plan helps ensure the long-term success of your online presence.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a series of techniques that ensures your web site is seen by the audience you want - your potential customers - on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Stifel Marcin's SEO plans are developed so your site ranks at the top for the best phrases, and our on-going SEO plans work to keep you at the top.

The next time you look up something on Google you should realize there has been a lot of work that went into the results you see.

Search Engine Optimization Maintenance

Once we have your site set-up properly we move into on-going maintenance. We run monthly reports that track movement, activity, landing pages and more. We look at which pages of the site are successfully ranking for keyword phrases, and which pages we can improve. We continually tweak, modify and update your site until you are at ranking number one.

Some clients think once they achieved a first page, or first place, ranking they no longer need a search optimization plan. This thinking is deadly… there's always a competitor ready to take your place. When your web site stops being updated site code becomes outdated, content becomes old, and your target keywords can change. You open the door to a competing site that is ready to take your spot. Our most successful search engine optimization clients have worked with Stifel Marcin for years. Our results are proven successful, and web leads are the highest source of new sales for these clients.

Web Design & Search Engine Optimization Quotes

If you'd like us to review your site to discuss the ways we can improve your search engine optimization, or if you'd like information on a web design and SEO package, we're happy to help. Call us at 860-659-0777 or send an RFQ online through our contact form. We work with companies in Connecticut, New England and around the United States helping web sites rank #1.

Search Engine Optimization Process

When Stifel Marcin is tapped to provide search engine optimization for a web site our general process follows these steps:

1. Keyword Analysis - Stifel Marcin will run an extensive report on potential keyword phrases - sometimes hundreds and hundreds of phrases - depending on the size of your site. We are able to see how exactly how many people are searching for a specific phrase. We analyze a variety of potential keywords - singular, plural, with geographical restrictions, etc. We also look at the competition for those phrases.

2. Keyword Recommendation - based on our Keyword Analysis we provide clients with a series of target keyword recommendations for their SEO set-up. We evaluate the traffic, competition and relevance and prioritize which phrases offer the best potential return, using a 1-3 star ranking system.

3. Keyword Assignment - applies our keyword understanding to your web site. Based on our 1-3 star system and a page's content, we assign a keyword phrase to specific pages of your web site. More important phrases are assigned to prime real estate - like the home page.

4. Code Optimization - using the established keyword assignment we review the site's code, changing it to reflect and highlight the keyword phrase we are targeting. The keyword is incorporated in obviously areas like the title and metas, into background code the user doesn't see, and into all opportunities that comply with search engine optimization standards.

5. Content Optimization - we review the site's content to be sure we have the right concentration of the keyword phrase. H-tags (emphasized text in the eyes of a search engine) and body content are revised to target that page's assigned keyword.

6. Site Structure - Stifel Marcin builds out the web site's structure so it is focused on the target keyword phrases, and to ensure the entire site is working to be visible to search engines. Bounce times, page load times, etc - we use every tool available to build a highly visible site.

7. Social Marketing Tie - when possible we encourage clients to utilize social media platforms, and our social marketing services can help businesses to set up a social marketing strategy. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ can help show site relevance, which Google is weighing more and more. Additionally, properly set-up profiles and posts, like videos on YouTube, can also help your rank for certain keyword phrases. Stifel Marcin can also set up profiles like Google Places that will help you rank for the right search phrases.


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