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Stifel Marcin is a full service advertising, marketing and design agency that offers web site development as one of our core services. The web is arguably one of the most important marketing resources a company has in its arsenal, and web sites are often integral to a business's advertising efforts.

The majority of our web design, development and search engine optimization services are all performed in-house. Rarely, we have a need for a freelance resource of advanced code, and our vendors are all respected local experts.

Rapid Response

Stifel Marcin's web development staff includes full-time designers, writers and SEO experts that help companies define the online presence with web sites that deliver leads and sales.

It means that when you call, we respond. If something needs to happen "now", we get the job done, all out of our offices in Glastonbury, CT.

Connecticut-Based Web Design & Development

So if you're wondering why I'm even writing a post on this, then you probably don't know that a lot of web design companies don't actually do the work themselves. They outsource it to overseas vendors. Go ahead and ask if they will be completely producing your web site, or is a company in India or Pakistan actually going to do the work?

You'd be surprised just how many outsource their web design and production overseas. To be completely honest, I am surprised.

And this isn't just a patriotic stance, or me not grasping the global marketing. It's simply about practicality, and more importantly, results. Here's why making web sites in the USA just makes more sense:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I don't think I can stress the importance of SEO enough in this article. We build custom web sites – they provide the most targeted delivery of information in the most search engine friendly way. And it makes a better design.

Many of our clients hire us for search engine optimization. We ensure every aspect of our clients' sites are coded to target specific keyword phrases with the most traffic, and we maintain the sites constantly. SEO code has to be exact. Content needs to have the right keyword concentration, the right background code that targets keyword phrases and the right structure.

It's a science that requires understanding, language and skill. What I can't figure out is how a person who doesn't speak perfect English, or any English at all, is helping optimize a web site for an English-speaking audience.

It has nothing to do with patriotism. It's about results.


During our ten years in business, I have encountered many web design companies and ad agencies that utilize foreign web production companies. They constantly deal with time zone differences and scheduling challenges. I spoke recently with a CT web design company that used a web resource in Bangladesh. The price was cheap, until he discovered that besides the time difference, the company didn't work on Friday. Stifel Marcin responds when you need us, no matter when you need us. There's no middleman and no confusion. We get it done.


Our web designs are completely custom-builds. You aren't fitting into an established template or a cookie cutter layout. A company's web site is an extension and representation of its brand. So how can a canned solution be a good solution? Check out other web design companies' portfolios. Do the web sites seem to all look "kinda" the same?

Stifel Marcin has succeeded by delivering the very best to our clients. Our clients' success is our success. Quality and creativity are more than just words at Stifel Marcin, they define our way of life.


Our web designers and writers are some of the best. They have been trained at prestigious schools and learned programming, communication design and writing for advertising. We work to make every Stifel Marcin client a client for life. It means complete quality, and understanding what makes you different - and better - than your competitors.

Telephone Tag

We all know what happened when you played "telephone" as a kid – by the time the story got to the end of the circle, it was completely different than what the message started.

Foreign production of web sites operates similar to a game of telephone. The client calls the web design company's salesperson, who tells the account rep/local designer, who determines what needs to change and then emails a foreign agent who actually produces it. That leaves a lot of room for error. Now add in that one of the people might not even speak your audience's language. How is this an efficient operation? It might be cheaper, but it certainly isn't better.

It Doesn't Always Cost Less

It really isn't always cost effective to use an overseas vendor. Not only does the extra time cost you money, but you might be surprised. Oftentimes we are just as competitive, and sometimes more competitive.

Drop us a line or fill out our online quote form. There's no obligation, and at least you know how you'll be talking to.

Web Design & Development – Made in the USA

We are proud to provide jobs to our local employees, but also understand quality is paramount to our success. As an agency that has a special focus on manufacturing, industrial and technological clients, we are keenly aware of the affects on foreign outsourcing. We hear time and time again that it really just doesn't work. The quality is inferior, the workmanship is poor and while the "per-piece" cost might seem attractive, in the end, foreign outsourcing just costs more.

The Exception to the Rule

There are times when its advisable to use a foreign company – when its makes better marketing sense.

For a client that had a portion of their sales in China we researched Chinese SEO companies who better understood that countries very different online community. Plus the company could provide translation with technically-appropriate language. We created a scenario where we worked hand-in-hand with the Chinese vendor so the client had the best return.

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Stifel Marcin believes in providing our clients the very best - from concept to execution to result. We believe that web design and content development is just better when its made in the USA. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you.


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