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For those of you who have already read our article on ThomasNet vs Organic SEO, you know the reasons why I think ThomasNet is not a great option when it comes to marketing your company. From what we hear from our clients, they agree, and have cut their spend on Thomas placement significantly.

So I guess that’s why ThomasNet started their Web Solutions services. If they can’t compete against actual web sites, maybe they’d just make actual web sites for companies.

B2B Web Design Done Right

As I researched this article, I was startled to see a glaring problem on the Thomas Web Solutions site – so much so – that I moved this section right to the top of my article. Ironically, I have seen this same problem on web sites Thomas has produced for their customers.

Their site is not properly optimized. SEO 101 mandates putting your company name in your title tag. Thomas Web Solutions just lists “New York, New York” and a brief, unconcentrated – page title. As I clicked through their site, I saw this again and again. If Thomas Web Solutions can’t even bother to follow best SEO practices on their own site, they aren’t a company I’d want helping my business with search engine optimization.

Not to mention – in my humble opinion – that is just the start.

How We Do Industrial-Focused Web Design Better

Stifel Marcin is a full-service marketing agency focused on industry. Our and capabilities are used by an array of companies including OEMs, B2B service companies and equipment suppliers. We understand industry, we are focused on the industrial market, and we have the special experience to market industrial companies.

The web should be a major component of any business’s marketing. It’s important your web site communicates your unique skills, capabilities and solutions. A good web site will increase sales – communicating why customers should choose you, and also ensuring customers find you with good search engine optimization.

From day one, Stifel Marcin has been a marketing agency driven by creative excellence. We learn about our client’s business, and help them refine their brand and stand out in the marketplace. ThomasNet is built on the idea of you being one of many similar companies. They list you with your competitors.

So why would Thomas be the right solution to help you sell yourself online? Especially when according to their sales and SEO, they can’t even sell themselves?

Marketing Professionals – Working for You

Stifel Marcin’s team is made up of marketing professionals. We’re not as big as Thomas Web Solutions, but we have the designers, copywriters and marketers who produce results for clients in manufacturing, industry and technology. Our web design and development, content writing and organic and paid optimization services all happen here, right on site. We are a collaborative team working for our client’s success.

Our smaller size also means when you call – we answer. We work to get you answers and provide solutions, not keep you waiting on hold. The right people, the results, the best service: it’s what Stifel Marcin is all about.

If you go on the Thomas Web Solutions web site home page, it says their team includes “project manager” and “customer service” professionals. Um, isn’t that kind of the same thing? If you navigate in and find their "team" page, it expands the list to include “web designers”, “quality assurance” and “customer training” staff. To me this is a pretty bare bones list, with only one skill set building the whole site – the web designer. Where are the branding professionals? The content developers? The search engine optimizers? When these skills sets aren’t highlighted, I can’t imagine Thomas thinks they are too important.

Stifel Marcin is completely dedicated to our customers’ success – and our staff is trained on marketing, communication and design. Our customers aren’t just a list of companies in a category. They are the innovators and producers we want to work with.

Search Engine Optimization

Stifel Marcin’s staff stays educated on the latest SEO techniques. Good search engine optimization is comprised of many components, all working together, to achieve the same goals. We don’t outsource – we offer . Programming, code and content all drive a web site’s rankings, and Stifel Marcin is driven to help our customers succeed.

Thomas Web Solutions’ on-going SEO services don’t learn your business like we do. Stifel Marcin works to understand every aspect of your operations and helps you develop content – and create content – that improves your rankings and promotes the best marketing messages. All of our on-going SEO clients receive ranking statistics, quarterly reports and updates. Our optimization services are custom-created – our clients are not just a list we call on every few years. We work to be an extension of your business.

Custom Solutions

How many Thomas Web Solutions web site have you seen? I’ve seen many of them. They are often built off the same template, and many – perhaps because the customer hasn't requested Thomas’s SEO services – have poor search engine optimization structure.

Every site built by Stifel Marcin is customized – the design is created in the best way to promote your company, and content is developed to target your marketing goals. Every one of our sites – from the largest to the smallest – is built with current SEO standards. While on-going monthly search engine optimization is a separate service, when we build a site we do it right from the start. Do it right, or don’t do it at all. Stifel Marcin does it right.

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If you’re thinking about a new , looking to update your current site, or looking for give us a call. We’re happy to discuss the ways we do it better than Thomas Web Solutions. Our industrial-focused web development services get results and help our clients’ promote their brand.


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