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Marketing for manufacturers and other industrial clients presents different challenges. The products are more complex (sometimes even custom), and with the amount of technical information that has to be conveyed, promoting a company's brand image and message becomes even more important.

The Importance of Brand when Marketing for Manufacturers

Stifel Marcin has been working with manufacturers and industrial clients for over a decade. In that time we've seen the manufacturing market take a significant hit, and we're happy to have witnessed a resurgence - with many companies now busier than ever before. Most of these growing companies have a great story to tell – how they've delivered when competitors could not; how their products are superior; and how their capabilities directly meet unique client needs.

In a marketplace where it's easy to find multiple resources through a Google search, it's become more important than ever to tell your business's unique story, and market your company's unique capabilities, to convert sales.

Demonstrating Manufacturing Leadership

A large number of our manufacturing and industrial clients provide customized capabilities – altering standard designs to fit customer's requirement, creating new solutions, and providing products and services that are unique to order requests. In these instances, the importance of communicating your company's benefits and leadership capabilities is critical. We work to market the complete package: your technology, your equipment, your engineers, and your experience to demonstrate that your company will deliver.

Promoting your company's manufacturing leadership shouldn't be confined to your mission statement, leadership needs to be part of your total brand – the consistent promise that defines your business. Your company's brand image, web site, ads, even your on-hold message should present your capabilities and commitment to quality.

Marketing Manufacturing Leadership vs. Price

Demonstrating a company's leadership and array of capabilities is integral to any manufacturer's marketing plan. We work to highlight how your services and products make life easier for your customers.

There was a time when overseas manufacturing beat out a lot of bids, simply by price. Even with shipping, the cost per piece was the main factor driving decisions. But what people quickly realized was, that while the price per piece was lower, often these vendors were actually more expensive. Quality standards weren't the same, materials were inferior, customer service was lacking and more work was done to make the arriving order acceptable.

Demonstrating and marketing your company's value-added services is critical. It defines why they should choose you, no matter what their main decision-making factor is (price, service, etc). We learn about your company, and ask questions about your processes, like:

  • do you customize your products and services to make it easier for your customers?
  • do you provide solutions that streamline your customers' operations – delivering solutions they might not have even considered?
  • do you use new technology so your parts and products are more accurate?
  • can you provide the engineering and design support that helps customers know they are getting the best solution?

Defining your benefits and getting that message out is critically important when marketing for manufacturers, industrial and technological clients. We learn about your company, help to define your message, and work to market your leadership and capabilities across all of your marketing and advertising.

Things to Consider when Marketing Manufacturing

No matter what product, service or industry we are marketing, it always comes down to defining unique benefit(s). Stifel Marcin works to learn what makes your company better, and helps you stand out from the competition.

Defining a marketing message is often more complex for manufacturers. Some of the techniques we use when marketing a manufacturing or industrial company include:

1. Gearing Marketing Messages to Your Audience – most often we are targeting engineers, designers and purchasing agents. We work to promote how your company delivers more than the competition, with responsive solutions and expertise that these targets care about.

2. Balancing General Info and Technical Data – we work to quickly provide information about your capabilities that potentials customers are looking for when searching for a vendor, along with the data that an engineer needs when working on a design, and the order details needed for the person who actually places the order. All of this information is important, and should be thoughtfully presented, when marketing for manufacturing and industrial clients.

3. Providing Technical Resources – by offering information that your customers need, you give them a good incentive to keep coming back. Perhaps its design assistance, sometimes its online information about material considerations, or it can even be a blog helping them to troubleshoot a problem. Showing you are ready to work with your customers and that you provide solutions, develops good, on-going relationships.

4. Considering Proprietary Information & Compliance – while as marketers we want to tell all the great stories we hear from our clients, we realize its just as important to know when we can't say something. We work to ensure messaging is compliant to certification requirements – such as ISO or MIL – so the language is correct. We also understand the critical value of proprietary information. We work with clients to help craft messages and PR opportunities that promote unique capabilities, while not divulging trade secrets. Stifel Marcin works to learn about your business, so we can help market your brand and your story, without telling too much.

5. Leveraging Technology & Media – we realize that marketing for manufacturing clients needs to be as innovative as the products and services you provide. We work to help manufacturing and industrial clients realize the value of new marketing technologies – like apps – and new marketing opportunities – like social marketing – to promote their message. We work best with clients when we can craft a complete strategic marketing plan.

6. Cross Selling – we work to ensure companies cross-sell their capabilities. Many of our manufacturing clients have expanded in recent years, offering new products and new capabilities. It's important to consider the sales potential of existing customers, and your ability to act as a "one stop" source.

We Speak Manufacturing

Our technological and manufacturing website designs target the right audience. Our designers and search engine optimization copywriters understand the language of the B2B world. Often the audience is made of engineers and purchasing agents. Customers that need something very specific, and want to be sure your company can deliver and can be trusted.

Stifel Marcin has worked with clients in the manufacturing, industrial and technological fields for over a decade. We offer a complete line of advertising and marketing services, and work with our clients to become an extension of your company.

Give us a call or contact us today. We're more than happy to discuss your company's marketing and advertising goals, and are ready to deliver creative excellence.


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