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These advertising and marketing blog articles have been created to provide useful information and helpful tips for readers looking for new ways to grow their business and define their brand. Many of these blog articles address B2B marketing and advertising, and address the needs of Stifel Marcin's primary client base of companies working in manufacturing, industry and technology. Articles were written by Christine Marcin, Partner at Stifel Marcin, who's duties include direction of the agency's online marketing services.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a series of techniques that ensures your web site is seen by the audience you want - your potential customers - on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Stifel Marcin's SEO plans are developed so your site ranks at the top for the best phrases, and our on-going SEO plans work to keep you at the top.

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Why Google?
Google is still far and away the most-used engine, and also viewed by many as having the best results. We work to make our clients organically rank #1 on Google for as many phrases as we can.

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SEO & Google Places
Google Places helps focus your web site on a specific geographical area, related to where your business is located. You basically tell Google where you are. This can work for companies with one location, or many facilities and offices.

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The Value of ThomasNet
For years Thomas Register (which became ThomasNet) was a cornerstone of advertising plans for any company in manufacturing or industrial fields. While most companies cut their Thomas advertising budgets, we are often asked if its worth exploring this marketing option again, as ThomasNet claims to have improved their site.

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Manufacturing Web Design
Manufacturing websites are different than "retail" web sites. There's more content, more specifics and a stronger need for branding. Manufacturing website design means promoting a company's capabilities and products, defining that business's image, and showing what makes you a leader in your field.

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No Retainer Required
There are some agencies that will only work with clients that agree to an annual contract. Stifel Marcin prides ourselves on being better than the rest, not just in our work, but also in how we run our business. If you want a contract so you can set your budget, we can do that, but many clients are looking for more - and we understand your success is our success. Our clients work with us again and again because they want to, and we work hard to keep their business.

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Web Design & Development - Made in the USA
A lot of web design companies don't actually do the work themselves - they outsource it to overseas vendors in countries like India and Pakistan. Stifel Marcin produces all their work locally, right here in Connecticut. For us, and for our clients, its really the best decision – for optimization, for customization and for response.

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Hubspot vs. an SEO Company
HubSpot has done a great job of marketing themselves – LinkedIn posts, advertising, developing re-sellers, etc. The basic idea behind their service is okay, but the problem is for most companies, its transition to their real world needs just doesn't work. Here's an overview of Hubspot compared to a dedicated search engine optimization (SEO) service.

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Top 10 Content Items for a B2B Web Site
Our team has worked to come up with a "top 10" list of items a B2B web site design and development project should include. While each company has specific needs related to their industry, this is a good starting point when you're thinking about your new site.

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How We're Different Than Thomas Web Solutions
Stifel Marcin's team is made up of marketing professionals. We're not as big as Thomas Web Solutions, but we have the designers, copywriters and marketers who produce results for clients in manufacturing, industry and technology. Our web design and development, content writing and organic and paid optimization services all happen here, right on site.

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A Full Service Manufacturing Marketing Agency
Marketing for manufacturers and other industrial clients presents different challenges. The products are more complex (sometimes even custom), and with the amount of technical information that has to be conveyed, promoting a company's brand image and message becomes even more important.

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Best Practices in AdWords Advertising
AdWords in the largest pay-per-click (PPC) advertising resource available in the USA today, and understanding the complexities and controls of the AdWords interface is paramount to ensuring a positive return on investment. Stifel Marcin is an AdWords certified ad agency and a Google Partner Agency, meaning we have met Google's strict requirements and have an in-depth expertise of AdWords.

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