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Google PartnerAdWords in the largest pay-per-click (PPC) advertising resource available in the USA today, and understanding the complexities and controls of the AdWords interface is paramount to ensuring a positive return on investment. Stifel Marcin is an AdWords certified ad agency and a Google Partner Agency, meaning we have met Google's strict requirements and have an in-depth expertise of AdWords.

Having an AdWords Certified specialist working on your PPC advertising ensures you are maximizing your spend, generating quality leads and using your advertising dollars effectively.

Best Practices in AdWords Advertising
What A Certified AdWords Ad Agency Offers You

One of the challenges with AdWords is that to simply get your ad online isn't that hard. However – and we can't stress this enough – knowing you are effectively advertising and monitoring the return on your spend is substantially more complex. A well-run AdWords campaign can generate thousands in new sales, and literally pays for itself.

While there are too many details to go into here, some of the basic steps our AdWords certified team addresses when helping clients with their AdWords/PPC advertising:

  • Proper account set-up – much more than selecting your geographical regions and times during which ads can be displayed, properly setting up an AdWords account provides control over the entire campaign. A client's spend, advertising focus, bids, cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rate and virtually all the aspects of your PPC advertising should be understood and controlled to maintain effectiveness.
  • Campaign types – Will you be running on the search or display network? Will you be running "re-marketing" ads? These selections can dramatically affect your spend and your placement, so proper AdWords account set-up should include determinations on which campaign types are best for your advertising goals. As a Google Partner Agency – Stifel Marcin advices clients on the best ways to set up a campaign that will marketing their goals.
  • Keyword selection – proper and effective use of "broad match" and "phrase match", as well as use of broad match modifiers is critical in AdWords advertising. Without a clear understanding, you might be running ads on phrases that aren't relevant to your business.
  • Negative keywords – just as important in selecting the right keywords, is selecting the keywords you don't want to appear on. For example, if you sell metal rods, you don't want to appear in searches for "metal fishing rods". Our AdWords Certified professionals do extensive research and review of search terms reports throughout set-up and on-going AdWords maintenance to ensure that your ads aren't appearing in searches that aren't relevant to your business.
  • Ad content – We work to create ad content that gets attention and hits hard on the characteristics your customers are looking for. We also test ad content to constantly improve leads and click rates. 
  • Bid control – one of the most important aspects of on-going AdWords optimization is properly controlling bids. AdWords bid costs continue to rise, and ensuring that your bids and spend are providing good placement and are generating quality clicks is imperative. We constantly review bid costs, click-through-rates (CTRs), the time visitors spend on your site and very specific site data to ensure your AdWords spend is generating a positive ROI. We also monitor and test budgets and bids, so you are reacting to changes in competitor advertising and staying on top of the trends and AdWords changes.
  • Extensions – AdWords advertisements that place in the top 3 spots are eligible to have extensions display. Not only do extensions increase the size of your ad, they can promote advertising initiatives, special benefits, your physical location and even display a phone number. Ads with extensions typically provides higher CTRs, though it is important to properly monitor your spends, and this higher placement also costs more than lower spots. Stifel Marcin's certified AdWords specialists provide on-going optimization of AdWords spend and placement.
  • Relevancy – properly setting up your AdWords campaign requires landing pages with content that is relevant to a search term, and ad copy that promotes relevancy and related qualities. A higher relevancy score will lower your costs and improve your ad placement.
  • Conversion set-up – to help identify the quality of AdWords leads, goals can be set up. Perhaps a goal is to have a visitor fill out a contact form, perhaps they need to make a purchase through an e-commerce site, or perhaps you just want them to visit a certain number of pages. Our AdWords specialists can help you determine the best goal conversions to provide quick insight into ROI.
  • On-going maintenance – just as important as knowing how to set-up your AdWords advertising, is taking the time to monitor it. Set-it and forget it just doesn't work. Bids are constantly changing, users are evolving and competition is increasing – monitoring and controlling your AdWords advertising is critical to generating a positive return.

As a Google Partner Agency with AdWords Certified Advertising specialists means that you can be assured our team is utilizing the AdWord's interface to its maximum potential. It is our goal to get quality leads that lead to sales and a return on investment. At Stifel Marcin, your success is our success.

AdWords Certified Advertising for B2B Clients

As a Google Partner Agency focused on clients in business-to-business fields, our AdWords Certified team works every day with companies in manufacturing, industry and technology. Our team has a special focus on AdWords advertising for the B2B market, and we work to ensure marketing goals, technical benefits and an understanding of your unique target audience is included in all AdWords advertising.

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If you're thinking of trying AdWords advertising, or ready to sign on with a certified AdWords Agency to maximize your return on investment, contact us today or give us a call. We're happy to discuss your needs and the ways Stifel Marcin can help.


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