B2B Web Development

Most sites produced by Stifel Marcin include web development and web content writing services. Typically these efforts are produced in conjunction with a new web design, and addresses what information should be included on the site and how a user should access that info. Our web development and web content writing services are completely customized, as are the sites we create for our clients. There are no templates and no set restrictions that content needs to fit into.

Web Content Development

Stifel Marcin will work with you to advise what information to include on your new web site, and we can write all the new site's content. Our team offers years of experience in developing web content and we often help to streamline the process for our clients. We work to create a positive user experience that strategically focuses on search engine optimization goals.

Web content provides important information about your company and its services, but it must be structured in a clear way so users can find what they need, and it must consistently communicate your brand messages. Stifel Marcin will review existing marketing materials, will review the marketplace and will work with you to determine what content should be included on your site. We then set about writing the actual site content.

Web Content Editing

Some clients have existing text they would like to use for their site, which can reduce production costs. Using an established site map structure and outline of pages, the client provides us with completed text for each page. We revise and reformat the content, with special edits made for search engine optimization and to ensure the information will fit the web site design.

Web Development Goals

Our web development services work to ensure our clients' promote strong brand image and achieve search engine optimization goals. The process is designed to:

  • Create maximum visibility for target keywords on search engines
  • Write user-friendly content that is easy to read
  • Ensure important information appears on all page of a site, so each page can function as a "landing page"
  • Create a positive web experience for a variety of users

A Full Service Advertising & Marketing Agency

Stifel Marcin strives to exceed expectations. We work to become an extension of your company and understand your products and goals. If you're in need of a web site design or web development give us a call or request a quote online. There's no obligation and we are always ready to help.

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Our web development team is busy launching some new, cool web sites, and we keep using the term "hamburger menu" around Stifel Marcin. So what exactly is a hamburger menu? It's not a BBQ Thursday order... it's the three stacked lines that hide a longer site menu, and make it easier to navigate on smaller devices. More on our web site development services.   - 08/25/17