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Typically one of the most important tools in a marketing plan, is a great web site with high search engine rankings that produces leads and sales. Properly implementing a search engine optimization and marketing plan can generate high rankings and provide visibility for high-traffic keywords. Stifel Marcin's SEO services analyze your business goals, online traffic and keyword positions to be sure you are ranking at the top, and for the right phrases.

Proven Results

One of the first SEO plans we launched - and still oversee – currently provides more than 84% new visits annually, with over 80,000 unique visitors and over 75 keyword phrases ranking on page 1 of Google (and those are just the phrases we track).

Many clients come to us for search engine optimization for an existing site. While the process is basically the same, oftentimes part of our review will include coding additions, text revisions and other recommendations to ensure your site is as search engine friendly as possible. From a budget perspective, if you are considering any web site changes (maybe even just a new home page design), it is usually most cost effective to launch redesigns and SEO company efforts at the same time.

Targeted SEO Efforts

While our SEO search engine optimization services address many factors, some of our main efforts include:

  • Keyword analysis for traffic & competition
  • Content relevancy review
  • Keyword integration in content and code
  • Code updates to improve site visibility
  • Updates to improve site speed and compliance
  • Reviews and changes for mobile rendering
  • Analytics tracking set-up
  • Google AdWords integration
  • Server files and documents

On-Going SEO Maintenance

Many clients opt for an ongoing SEO plan. On a monthly schedule, Stifel Marcin will update your web site, reviewing performance, rankings and making changes to improve placement and activity. We make adjustments to content based on performance, perform site maintenance and update code to comply with the latest search engine requirements.

Virtually every site we design or optimize has Google Analytics – an amazing, and free tool Google developed that provides detailed information about site performance. As part of our SEO services we track performance, and we also assign our clients Analytics access, so you can always see your site's activity. Analytics information is not only helpful for web site optimization, but also for sales/lead tracking and for campaign management.

Google Certified B2B Web Marketing

Google PartnerAs a Google Partner agency that is AdWords certified, our search engine services meet the industry's highest standards. Google maintains an average search engine usage market share of approximately 80%, with competitors significantly smaller, and we build our sites to comply with Google's latest standards.

Our team offers the expertise needed for quality web site marketing, with a special focus on B2B clients including manufacturing, industry and technology verticals.

We offer search engine optimization, web site design, social marketing and AdWords/PPC advertising – and all of these services are in-house. Our services have a proven record of success. Give us a call or fill out an online request – there's no obligation, and we'd love to chat about your needs.

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