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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising refers to listings that you pay a fee for every time a person clicks on your ad. Pay-per-click ads can appear on search engines, as well as industry web sites, emails blast or referral sites. Search PPC, such as AdWords™, is different than organic search engine optimization, though as the SEM world becomes more integrated, the difference is hard to distinguish.

PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising – also known as PPC advertising – is a worthwhile component in company's overall marketing plan, and we have found it to be a successful source of leads and sales for many B2B clients. While an effective web site design and ongoing organic search engine optimization plan should be part on your online marketing efforts, PPC can help drive new traffic to your web site. This type of advertising allows for targeted audience selection – we can control when, where and how your ads appear.

It’s extremely important to actively control and manage PPC campaigns. Our team analyzes an array of data when evaluating PPC effectiveness. It is still important to review click-through-rates (CTRs), cost-per-click (CPC) and most importantly, the quality of clicks. Our PPC management services review performance, traffic, conversion rates and costs to ensure your PPC advertising is providing a valuable return. We evaluate very specific and detailed information to show the quantitative value of PPC marketing.

Unlike organic SEO, which takes time, PPC advertising appears from the minute you start the campaign.

Types of PPC Advertising

There are many options which can be considered when launching a PPC campaign, though they basically can be divided into two categories – display PPC and search PPC. Oftentimes we start with a smaller budget and select multiple PPC opportunities, evaluate performance and return, then refine the budget for optimal performance.

Display PPC can be placed on industry web sites, referral sites, blogs, newsletters and on Google sites. In some ways display PPC is similar to traditional print advertising – instead of running an ad in an industry magazine, we are running an ad on an industry web site. Display PPC has low click rates historically, and given the cost, it is extremely important your PPC management evaluates traffic patterns from this type of advertising.

Search PPC advertising is most often what people think about when referring to pay-per-click advertising, and appears when someone is searching on an engine like Google or Bing. With search PPC we can place ads when a user searches for a specific phrase or uses a specific keyword. These ads often appear on the right side or at the top of the page, depending on budget.

The biggest PPC marketing option is Google AdWords. Stifel Marcin's team is certified in AdWords, and we put our expertise to work for you.

Why PPC Management is Important

PPC Management and evaluation is extremely important for businesses, who sometimes try manage their own campaigns. Search PPC, like AdWords, can be configured using some basic setting that will start your ad placements. However, these applications are actually very complex, and inexperienced, do-it-yourself oversight can ineffectively deplete a budget. A poorly managed PPC campaign will waste money, bring in poor quality leads, and create site traffic that negatively impacts both your paid and organic listings.

With search PPC marketing and management we have very detailed control over advertising. We can:

  • limit the times of day your ad appears
  • set the areas the ad will run (even down to the zip code)
  • target specific search phrases and keywords
  • create "negative keywords" that will prevent your ad from running
  • set a budget and prioritize keyword bids
  • create a trackable phone number, showing how many people called your company from that ad listing and data about their call

Leveraging Analytics, AdWords & PPC Marketing Tools

The Stifel Marcin team understands PPC – including tools like Google AdWords interface – and provides detailed web site traffic analysis ensuring your pay-per-click advertising will produce results. Well-targeted PPC ads can provide quality leads, measurable conversion rates and can all be controlled to ensure the maximum return on budget.

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Google PartnerIf you're considering PPC advertising, now is the time to give us a call. We can discuss your needs and goals, and review how your other marketing efforts will factor into this advertising. Our PPC management and AdWords management services are proven effective, and include detailed reporting so you can see results. Fill out an online form or give us a call – we're at your service.


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