B2B Direct Marketing & Email Marketing

From email newsletters to 3-dimensional mailers, a strategic combination of direct marketing efforts offers a great opportunity to speak to your customers. From Stifel Marcin's beginnings, our direct mail marketing has produced industry-leading response percentages, driving leads and increasing sales.

Email Marketing

Stifel Marcin's email marketing services typically fall into two categories – placements in messages emailed by publications, or custom email messages we create solely for your business. Email Marketing can include regularly scheduled newsletters, or individualized messages triggered by a specific action. These low-cost methods typically reach a wide audience and are trackable based on "open" or "click-through" data, providing a unique method to communicate directly with your customers.

Direct Mail

Often overlooked in today's high-tech world, traditional direct mail marketing can still provide effective results. Our creatives produce eye-catching, unique mailers that get noticed and get people to act. We love to think "out of the box" – even if we are delivering a helium balloon in a box (which we have) – for a variety of direct mail options.

While we still create printed mailers, often our direct mail efforts focus on unique, 3-dimensional pieces. We develop 3D mailers that stand out from the "usual" mail people receive, with concepts that emphasis marketing themes and benefit-oriented messages. While this type of direct mail marketing typically requires a higher cost-per-piece, they also lead to higher levels of visibility and conversion.


Newsletters are often considered direct mail, though many pieces we develop are more cost effective, and more environmentally friendly, to deliver via email. Whatever mailing method you prefer, our designers and copywriters create newsletters that support company branding, sell your business's capabilities and provide the news and information that make customers want to read.

Lists & Mailing Services

If you don't have an existing list of contacts, we can help. We will identify key demographics and develop a list focused on your marketing goals. Stifel Marcin also provides mailing services, including compliance with FCC regulations, distribution, sorting and mailing. After your piece is mailed, we can track key actions and data to help evaluate direct mail performance, and report that information to you.

As part of a campaign or as a one-time project, Stifel Marcin can provide a full line of direct mail, newsletter and email marketing services. Give us a call or fill out an online quote request to see how we can help.

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